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Morocco travel tips: MOROCCO DESERT TOUR

when is the ideal time to go to the Moroccan desert?

It is possible to leave all year round in the Moroccan desert to make a discovery tour of the south, however the best seasons are from September to May. 

L'automne est superbe pour ses couleurs  vives, et ses températures encore chaudes   mais pas caniculaires.  

Winter is always sunny, the nights are cool, but the tents are well equipped. The sky is clear, and the winter colors are magnificent. The end of the year period is the busiest of the year, it is advisable to book 6 months in advance. 


Spring is great, temperatures are warm but still bearable at this season. It is  the period when there are the most people too, especially the month of April is very popular with travellers. 


In summer, there are always people who want to go on desert getaways. The vehicles are air-conditioned, and the drivers organize themselves so that you arrive at the end of the day, where it is less hot. Some slightly more luxurious bivouacs have swimming pools, and others have air conditioning in the bedrooms. 


Two Tuareg nomads leading a camel in the
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