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Answers to your most frequently asked questions


What are the documents and papers required for a trip to Morocco?

Individual travelers must present a valid passport for the entire period of their stay

formalities here 

To prepare your trip well, a lot of very practical information here:


Travelers wishing to travel to Morocco, by any means, must present a health form to download
online before boarding, duly completed. it is also distributed on board the airport or ship. they must presenta valid vaccination passportWherea negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours old.children under 12 are exempt from any requirements.



Can we go during Ramadan?

For Muslims, from dawn to sunset: fasting and abstinence.

Life slows down during this period, but tourists experience little Ramadan in tourist cities.

Reports can be more sincere during this period and we are always busy during Ramadan.


When is the best time to go to Morocco?

Spring and autumn are ideal for visiting Marrakech, as well as the great Moroccan south, also the imperial cities.

In summer it can be excessively hot in the south, and in the Atlas the winters can be harsh, and the nights cool all year round.

In summer, prefer the beach circuits, and the north if you are traveling with toddlers and the elderly.


Who do we travel with on our tours and excursions?

You travel alone in the 4x4. We are specialized in personalized trips, with your personal driver, we will not impose other travelers on you.


Will our driver drop us off in souks, or cooperatives?

No, unless you ask him. The driver receives his salary, and remains at your disposal for all stops, breaks, photo shoots, special requests, lunch breaks. He will not take you to the souk in order to collect his commission, however on your request, he can accompany you to help you find the object you are looking for. The driver is at your disposal to make you travel in all serenity. You can tip him if you want.


You will find exchange offices everywhere in the medinas, tourist towns. The best is to discuss this with the driver when you arrive. We accept the euro almost everywhere, but for small sums, it is better to always have some dirhams on you.  1 euros = around 11 dirhams depending on the price. In many banks you can also change. 

How much should you tip  ?
For a small or a big service, tipping is always welcome in Morocco. Regarding the tips of the drivers, it is your common sense. The drivers are paid. It's up to you. Some customers are really very generous, and others do according to their means and their degree of satisfaction. It's not an obligation.
Regarding tips in cafes and restaurants, it's also personal, on average we give 5% of the bill to 10% but likewise, it's not mandatory, it's more of a habit.

Price of visits  
Kasbah entrances around 6 euros   (guide supplement)
Entrances to museums and palaces between 6 euros 
Cinema studios: 12 euros
Majorelle Garden: 12 euros

Practical notes: 

- Souvenirs, haggling: haggling is an art and is part of the habits of Moroccans. The objective is to find a price that satisfies the seller and the buyer. 

- All circuits: Don't forget your personal medication, sun protection, lip balm (very dry air), eye drops


Practices, habits: 

Photos : Always ask permission before photographing a person.
DRONES! Be careful, the use of civilian drones is very supervised if not almost forbidden on Moroccan territory. You must apply for an import license and if you obtain it, you must apply for prefectural authorization for each place where you are going to film. 

Clothing : You will meet in the modern districts of the cities a great number of women dressed in European style. Crossing villages and welcoming families requires proper Berber clothing: loose clothing, covered arms.

For women, micro shorts and necklines should be avoided. You will be more comfortable with light pants, which will cover you from the sun and also very practical for camel rides.

For cool evenings: tracksuit and fleece, warm jackets. 
Be careful there is always a big temperature difference at sunrise, and when the sun is down. Always bring a jacket or sweater, even in summer. 

Internet access in Morocco
For a fast connection, it is better to choose the incumbent operator (Maroc Telecom), as its network is extensive in most parts of the country. Inwi offers interesting packages for mobile data, as does Orange. You can buy a sim card in grocery stores, if they don't give you one at the airport. 
Then you just have to load with cards at 20 dhs, 50 dhs. Attention we charge and the communication, and the internet. If you don't know what to do, ask for service/advice from someone at the riad, the hotel or the grocer himself. Normally we will provide you with this service without any worries. You can thank with a small tip (example 10 dh). In most tourist accommodation, you will be offered a wifi connection. Attention this one is very limited, very slow flow, and the walls in the medinas are very thick. 


What happens in the event of bad weather?

In the event of heavy rain, hail or other, the roads may be impassable in the great south of Morocco (track, desert, etc.) You will be notified as soon as possible and/or the same day and the circuit may be slightly modified, while housing you under the same conditions. In any case, we will do our best to satisfy you. (very very rare case)


Is Morocco a safe destination?

Zero risk never exists, however Morocco remains a safe destination for several reasons. Morocco has reinforced security in the   tourist places, and you will see the police escorted by the army. The tourist police are present everywhere in Morocco, in civilian clothes. Spontaneous checks take place regularly, and you will be able to see it during a tour with us, the drivers are stopped on the road, and they are asked for all the papers in order, as well as the traceability of the tourists taken. (It is forbidden to transport, or accompany tourists without authorization, without approval). 

In addition, before leaving on a trip you must (rather than listen to the "one says") look at the diplomatic map published by the ministry  of foreign affairs in your country. Morocco is a country which remains on normal vigilance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified tourist regions in green on the official scale of vigilance. Fear does not avoid danger, but it can prevent you from depriving yourself of beautiful discoveries....

There are more risks of meeting a driver on the road than a terrorist, put it into perspective!

Can we go on a 4x4 circuit when we are pregnant?

We strongly advise against going on a desert 4x4 circuit if you are pregnant.

Indeed, in case of emergencies, we would find ourselves too far from hospitals and competent clinics which are in the big cities, and do not want to take this responsibility.

What happens in the event of cancellation by us (by the traveller)?

Cancellation conditions:    

- Before D-30, we keep the deposit of 40% +15 euros in administration fees (or your trip can be postponed for a period of 1 year free of charge)

- Between D-30 and D-15, we keep 50% of the deposit

- After D-15,  we keep the entire deposit

We can keep your deposit and postpone the stay for a period of 1 year.

Morocco flights, our tips for finding cheaper tickets: 

Thanks to low cost airlines, you can find cheaper plane tickets to reach Morocco. 

The earlier you book, the better the rates will be.   Out of season, to encourage travelers we can find very attractive fares, which can be less than 100 euros round trip.

Here are some ways to help you find cheaper tickets to Morocco:
Transavia is a subsidiary charter company of Air France with regular flights from Nantes, Lille, Paris, Lyon to Marrakech 

but also flights to Essaouira or other cities in Morocco. Reserve   in advance. 

Easyvols is a price comparator, and by following this link, you can find promo tickets every day, on specific dates. Great deals to do. We saw Paris Marrakech for 60 euros round trip out of season!!!

Skyscanner is a serious and quite reliable price comparator.

Easyjet is a low cost airline regularly offering plane tickets to Marrakech at attractive prices.

Royal Air Maroc is the airline of Morocco, which sometimes offers promotions.

Ryanair is a low cost airline offering very attractive fares all year round for Morocco

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